Maintenance Schedule

If you find yourself working of the Capital Monitor website in the evenings, starting on Monday 19 July, please be aware that selected Capital Monitor website archive (ie pre-2004) collections will be undergoing maintenance.

2004 material will not be affected.

The Process

The maintenance is planned to start at 21.00 Australian Eastern Standard Time each evening (11.00 GMT) which, we understand, is 19.00 for subscribers beyond the Wild Dog Fence.

Only one or two collections of "archive", ie pre-2004, material, like Federal Court, AAT, NSW Main, etc, will be unavailable on each evening. We can't give a precise timetable as some of the processes for some of the collections may prove to be faster or slower than anticipated, changing the start time for working on the next collection.

It is planned to complete each evening's maintenance by about midnight, at the latest.

What You Can Do

If you are working on our website in the evenings in the next week or so, you can test if the archive collection you want is available by:
  1. ticking the relevant collection on the "1. Search What" section of the subscribers' search page, then
  2. ticking the 2003-1996 archive box in "3. Options" section,
  3. setting the date to "On or Before" 31 Dec 2003, and
  4. clicking on Search.
(There's no need to enter any search terms.)

If you get any results at all, the collection is available for use.


We will advise (with great pleasure) when the maintenance is complete.


Richard Griffiths
Managing DIrector
16 July 2004